• ME606, RO-MA Professional Electronic Tacker

The RO-MA ME606 Electronic Stapler/Bradder is suitable for all types of applications. It has been designed for tradesman who have no access to compressed air or are required to do on-site repairs.

The ME606 is ideal for installing carpet to stairways, MDF thin-line overlays in small rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, laundry's or where the convenience of an electric powered tool is preferred.

Some applications are: Carpet laying, Woodcraft manufacturing, toy manufacturing, Cabinet backs and drawer bottoms.


  • High resistance body in fibreglass reinforced resin.
  • Removable front plate for easy clearing of staple jams.
  • High fastening speed up to 100 shots per minute.
  • Rear loading with built-in pusher.
  • Large trigger with built-in child safety feature.
  • Drives both brads and staples.

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ME606, RO-MA Professional Electronic Tacker

  • Brand: RO-MA®
  • Product Code: ME606
  • Availability: In Stock

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