• JPL92530A - MAX® 25.2V 3.0Ah Li-ionBattery

This MAX® 25.2V, 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery has a high energy density, increasing its useful life between charges, and the total number of lifetime charges. It does not require prolonged charge priming when new – one regular charge is all that is needed.

Li-Ion batteries require low maintenance, with no periodic discharge needed, and no memory effect.

This Li-Ion Battery performs well in a temperature range of 4°C to 38°C, and quick charges to 90% capacity in ˜ 45-minutes and full charges to 100% capacity in 54-minutes.

It weighs 900grms and includes a cap to prevent short circuiting when not in use.

The battery can be recycled or, because it is considered non-hazardous waste,

Only use MAX Charger when charging/recharging this battery.

For use with the following tools:

  • PJR265 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill
  • PJRC160 Cordless Re-bar Cutter
  • PASJ30 Cordless Pruning Shears.


  • 25.2 Volt Rapid charge Li-ion battery.
  • 3.0Ah rating.
  • 45 minute charge to 90% capacity.
  • 54 minute charge to 100% capacity.

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JPL92530A - MAX® 25.2V 3.0Ah Li-ionBattery

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