This is a semi-automatic Meat & Poultry bag sealing machine.

Simply clamp or screw to a bench, plug in the air, put the bag into the opening and pull forward to activate the air ram.

There is a cutter switch for the bag top cutting action, so when on the bag can be cut off cleanly or when turned off a hanger hook or label can be inserted when the bag is sealed.

The Aluminium staples closes around the neck of the bag for a water tight seal.

Ideal for poultry, salami, dog rolls and produce bags.

Also seals Netlon bags with ease for garlic, onions and fruit.


  • Easy operation.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Large fastener capacity.
  • 12mm or 15mm Aluminium fasteners.
  • Plastic & stainless components.
  • Comes with clamps.

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HR-AV2/TS, MAX® Air Packner Bag Sealer

  • Brand: MAX®
  • Product Code: HR-AV2/TS
  • Availability: In Stock

HR-AV2/TS manual  
HR-AV2/TS brochure  

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