MAX® EH110F electronic desktop stapler forms a staple and clinches flat from 2 to 110 sheets of 64gsm paper or up to 100 sheets of 80gsm paper.

The staples come in a cartridge containing 4,000 strips of wire which are ready to use the minute the stapler is turned on.

No need to adjust the stapler for the thickness, it senses it automatically and drives a perfect staple every time.

You can select between Auto-stapling or Manual-stapling with a stapling speed of 2 staples per second.

Insertion depth is adjustable from approx. 3 up to 23mm

The net weight is 7.6Kg and the dimensions are 242W x 393D x 210mmH


EH110F, MAX® Flat Clinch Heavy Duty Electronic Stapler

  • Brand: MAX®
  • Product Code: EH110F
  • Availability: In Stock

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