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Collated Screws

Collated Fasteners NZ

If you are looking for collated fasteners in NZ, contact us at Sifco Distributors or you can buy from us directly online. Our range of products is suitable for a variety of applications depending on your budget and requirements.
Collated fasteners are common in NZ. They are nails connected in a strip that are fired using a nail gun. There are several common types of collated fastener:

•    Collated fasteners that are connected with paper – typically sit in the paper at an angle and are usually used as framing nails. They are an affordable option plus, as the paper is driven into the material being nailed along with the fastener itself, paper collated fasteners are also environmentally friendly and clean to use. The range we offer uses good quality paper to ensure reliable performance.
•    Collated fasteners that are connected with a plastic strip – again, the fasteners are angled in the strip with this option. The plastic strip breaks open on each firing of the nail gun. Plastic strip collated fasters are common in construction and carpentry applications and are more weather resistant than paper options.
•    Collated fasteners that are connected with a plastic band – again, they are angled in the strip, although the angle is narrower than other types of collated fastener. The band usually ends up driven into the surface of the material so there is minimal clean-up required after use.
•    Collated fasteners that are connected with glue – usually used on staples and floor cleats. There is no mess to clean up with this option as very little glue is needed to connect the fasteners together.
•    Collated fasteners that are connected with a wire weld – a truly weatherproof alternative to plastic or paper collation commonly used on framing nails.

Collated Screws

You can also get collated screws when you shop with us, sometimes referred to as collated drywall screws.
To find out more and if you have a query, please contact us on 03 358 8135.
You can also buy collated fasteners online.

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