Corrugated Fasteners

If you are looking for corrugated fasteners, we have the range of products you need plus we deliver anywhere in NZ. You’ll get an excellent standard of service when you buy your corrugated fasteners from us as well as competitive prices and high-quality products – quality you can depend on.

Our corrugated fasteners are the ideal invisible fastening solution for the inside of corner joints. They are strong as well, so are suitable for use on hard materials.

We have 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm length options depending on your requirements. The range includes our own branded SIFCO corrugated fasteners as well as other leading brands including Omer.

All the corrugated fasteners we supply in NZ are suitable for use with the SIFCO Corrugated Fastener.

You can buy our range of corrugated fasteners online with an easy to use, safe, and secure checkout process. If you have any queries, please call us on 03 358 8135.

High Quality Corrugated Fasteners

When you buy your corrugated fasteners from us at SIFCO Distributors, you can have confidence in the quality of the product. The corrugated fasteners we supply are ideal for holding butt joints when manufacturing trusses, furniture, picture frames, pallets, crates, and more.

They also provide additional strength to large butt joints and are an excellent alternative to dowling, milling, gluing, clamping, or screwing.

We can also provide any other fastening solution you need as well, saving you time and hassle. Just add the products you need to your basket along with your corrugated fasteners, and we’ll deliver the entire order to your location in NZ.

Remember also that our team is here to help. Please call us today on 03 358 8135 and we’ll answer any queries you have and will make sure you get the fastening solution you need.

CF10 OMER® 10mm Corrugated Fasteners

CF10 OMER® 10mm Corrugated Fasteners

Code: CF10 Length: 10mm Quantity: 18,000 OMER® 10mm Bright steel corrugated fasteners...

CFA13 SIFCO® 13mm Corrugated Fasteners

CFA13 SIFCO® 13mm Corrugated Fasteners

Code: CFA13 Length: 13mm Quantity: 8,000 SIFCO® 13mm Bright steel corrugated fasteners...

CFA15 SIFCO® 15mm Corrugated Fasteners

CFA15 SIFCO® 15mm Corrugated Fasteners

Code: CFA15 Length: 15mm Quantity: 8000 SIFCO® 15mm Bright steel corrugated fasteners...

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